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Hempseed Oil & Hemp Butter for Natural Hair Plus Hair Growth Pics

So, I think I’ve found a new favorite ingredient to formulate with: hemp oil! Yes, that is the oil made from the Cannabis sativa plant (also known as marijuana), but no, there’s no THC in the oil so no worries there.

Why I Added Hemp Oil to My Natural Hair Care Regimen:

I did some reading and learned a little more about hemp oil. What I learned and experienced so far has impressed me.

-Hemp oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

-It’s a good source of plant-based protein.

-It’s a “dry”, non-greasy oil that’s great for dry, Winter-worn skin.

hemp oil for hair

Hemp oil is naturally dark green due to the high chlorophyll content.

Since my hair and skin can take a beat down in the cold weather, I thought I’d make a few things with this oil and see how I like them. So far, I’ve used hemp oil in a shampoo bar, a whipped mango butter & a whipped shea butter. I’ve been rotating these products with a few others and I like the results so far.

hemp butter for natural hair growth

I stretch my natural hair with 1.75 inch rollers before I straighten it with a flat iron.

How fast does natural hair grow after you cut it?

On average, human hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. That’s an average that can vary from person to person. It can also vary for one person at different times of the year or when other factors change (medications, diet, hormonal fluctuations). I thought I had observed that my hair grows a little slower than the 1/2 inch per month average, but now I’m rethinking that estimation somewhat.

I cut my hair into a bob hairstyle in mid-September and posted pics to my Facebook page just for kicks. I wasn’t really trying to do a before & after comparison shot but I’m really glad I took those photos. I usually don’t take many pics of my hair but I love what the ones above show!

My bob-style layers have grown out significantly in the past 12 weeks. In some ways it’s too bad because I really liked the shape of my haircut. I thought it would last a little longer but I was pleasantly surprised to notice that my hair growth is coming along quite nicely.

Is hemp oil good for natural hair growth?

So far, hemp oil/butter has been good for me and my length-retention efforts. Still, I think the biggest thing that helps grow your hair out is protective styling (the classic bun is my favorite). But I also know that if you don’t use quality products, it’s more difficult to maintain a healthy head of hair that will resist damage/breakage.

That said, I do recommend trying hemp oil as part of an overall healthy hair care regimen. See how it works for you and your hair goals. I have only used it in my shampoo bars (pictured below) and in a whipped butter but you can also use it neat (apply directly to your hair-not mixed with anything else) or in a DIY hot oil treatment.

 My latest hemp oil formulation for my natural hair

I thought it might be fun to make something pink & green as part of my holiday gift set adventures. I decided that hemp oil was well-deserving of the “green” slot. Check it out below mixed with natural shea butter. I made it a bit more creamy than I usually do for my whipped butters.

I tend to prefer my butters a little more stiff, but since it’s paired with Cocoa Raspberry Cream (which is stiff/thick), I decided to make this hemp butter more creamy. How do you like my little brown kraft gift boxes and raffia ribbon?


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