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Jamaican Jelly Styling Pomade

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16 oz unscented
Natural hair product for styling coily, curly and kinky hair types. 

Pictured above: My natural 4a coils styled with Jamaican Jelly while soaking wet. It's the only product in my hair. I then brushed my hair flat to smooth. The Jelly creates shine & waves without flaking or "crunch" like gel. 

100% Natural: No cones & no synthetic emollients. 


-Natural Hair Styling Pomade
-Seal moisture into wet or damp natural hair
-Lay edges of hair flat
-Spreads evenly through damp or dry hair
-Create defined, slick and naturally shiny hair styles with ingredients that are easy to wash out
-Natural skin protectant- Works like petroleum jelly but NOT made with any synthetic ingredients like petroleum or mineral oil
-Prevent chafing, diaper rash, naturally protect skin from cold air or moisture

Try it with the Stretch & Curl Custard:https://www.etsy.com/listing/188208509/stretch-curl-custard-elongates-defines?

How I Achieved the Look in the Photo Above: 

I have naturally coily hair that is just past my shoulders when straightened/stretched. If you're familiar with common hair typing charts, then you'd classify my curl pattern as type 4a. In the photo above, I washed my hair then applied only Jamaican Jelly throughout. 

Next, I brushed my edges flat and smoothed my hair back into an updo. Immediately, I tied a silk scarf around my head for about 20 mins. My hair was still somewhat wet when I snapped this photo but the wave pattern had set enough to remove the scarf. 

I use Jamaican Jelly to help my hair "clump" to make a wave pattern that I like for protective styles. I also use it to seal moisture and provide a light, soft hold to braids and twists. The end result is a defined and shiny set that feels soft and holds moisture for days. 


-Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil
-Candelilla Wax
-Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

100% Natural:

-NO parabens
-NO petroleum
-NO mineral oil
-NO preservatives
-NO ethyoxylated ingredients


-Create soft hold & shine with ease
-Prevent frizz & fly-aways
-Easily washes out with conditioner alone (conditioner-washing) or with shampoo
-Spreads easily in damp or dry hair
-Smells like a ripe, juicy citrus fruit (Lime & Grapefruit)
-All-natural ingredients
-Comes in reusable container 8 oz jar
-Sealed to prevent leaks during shipping

***Will ship internationally***


Pairs well with the Stretch & Curl Custard: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188208509/stretch-curl-custard-elongates-defines?


I had to move my normal wash day from Sunday to this past Thursday just so I can try out this product!! 

I put it on when my hair was still damp and tied it down for about 40 minutes, and when I took off my wrap, BAM! Waves for days! =) 

I also love the Marshmallow detangler and leave in conditioner sample, which made my hair so soft and easy to manage. LOVE LOVE LOVE your products, KJ! =)
~LaToya F. 

Absolutely amazing! I have tried everything for my daughter's 4bc hair to maintain moisture and this product along with the free sample of the stretch and curl custard are a great duo! Thanks and I will be buying again very soon!        
~Jennifer Washington-Austin

I am military and wear my hair in a bun. When I tried the product it was the week my AC went out in my SUV. Wind in my hair for 25 minutes...no prob. And, this smells incredible! Plus she left me a fabulous note on my shipment. 

Shine baby shine! This stuff is great!! And yes my baby girl has the wave too!
~Naomi Bryant


Jamaican Jelly® is a registered trademark of K.j. Naturals, LLC.

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