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Liquid African Black Soap: Face wash & Shampoo

$ 9.00

I wash my face & hair with the SAME product!

2 in 1: Shampoo & Face Wash

Store-bought "soap" bars and body washes are not actually soap at all (which is why they're sometimes labeled as "beauty bars" and body wash, etc.). They are detergents rather than real soap which is why they cause dry, itchy skin and a host of other problems.

Shampoos are no different! They're often made of the exact same detergent as your dish liquid. They strip away all beneficial oils & leave hair dry which leads to breakage. 

This liquid African black soap contains only natural plant materials vs the detergent body washes we have come to know as traditional body soap. The lather is AMAZING with as little as one pump (even on hair with lots of product buildup). 

Use this soap to cleanse face and body. African black soap has been used for generations for to address the following skin issues:

-Dark spots and discoloration
-Itchy skin
-Flaky/itchy scalp & dandruff
-Oily skin/face

Contains: Distilled water, shea butter, cocoa pod ashes, plantain & shea tree leaves, coconut oil, palm oil.

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