$90 or more ships FREE! (Flat-rate $7 fee for shipments under $90)

Income River (FREE Samples)

"On second thought... make that an income RIVER!"

It's Time to Plan Your Pivot: 

Income streams were great for pre-inflation days. In 2022 and beyond you need income RIVERS. Almost 10 years ago, I sold about $800 in products my very first month in business. I sold only to my Facebook followers list (it was a very small list). That income stream grew to become my family's main source of income for almost a decade! Today, you call it K.j. Naturals.

Now, we're setting you up with the Income River System: tools, skills & products to start a new source of income that starts small, but can grow very quickly (my sales doubled every other month in the first few months of selling in 2013).

The Well You Never Drew From:

Your friends list is a rich untapped resource that you probably have not yet figured out how to monetize. What's even better is that you can do that while linking people with wholesome products that resolve their skin's most stubborn issues.  

Sample your Income River FREE- How It Works:

Typically, starting a new income stream involves taking risks and suffering potential losses. We created this Income River project so that WE take on all the costs and risks. You take on no risk or cost. 

First, we send you a set of our best-selling products worth $100 (retail price). It's a small amount you can sell in a day or two just to let you sample a new income stream. 

We also send you product reviews, product photos & videos, etc. and a suggested schedule for when to post them to your social media page(s).

When people see your posts they will ask to buy the products. You collect payment for what you sell. 

Let's get started!

Ready to earn extra cash while posting on social media and responding to messages/comments in your PJ's while streaming Netflix? It's profitable "work" that won't feel very work-y. Making extra cash while relaxing on the couch actually feels like the total opposite of work:  AMAZING. 

The Process: 

1. Send us your shipping address via LiveChat. Don't forget to include your email address!

2. We will send you a shipment of K.j. Naturals products + a link to access the social media posts for those products that you will share online. 

3. Post the reviews & product photos from the link we shared with you, then collect payment when your followers place an order from you. You can ask them to  CashApp you or accept cash, VenMo, Zelle, check or whatever you prefer to collect payment for orders. 

The Sell Out In 7 Guarantee

4. If your first product shipment is NOT sold out within 7 days of receiving it then you owe us $0 for the $100 of product you received! We call that the "Sell Out In 7 Guarantee".  That's it. No hard feelings. :-) You can keep any unsold product to sell later or keep it for yourself. (We don't accept returns). 

5. If your first product shipment IS sold out in the first 7 days then pay us $50 (from the $100 you collected in sales). After that we'll create a coupon code for you to reorder at wholesale price (50% off). Reorder whatever products you want to sell to your customers next. We will also send you more social media posts to help you promote your new shipment of inventory. 

BONUS: If you charge your customers for delivery you keep 100% of those fees! You only owe us $50 for the $100 in products. You KEEP anything you charge for deliveries. We do provide you with social media posts to share if you choose to offer delivery.  

 Ready to get your income stream flowing? Do these 2 things now...

1. Message us via LiveChat. (Go to the home page if you don't see the purple "Chat" button on the screen now)

**2. Fill in the email address on your account with us in your LiveChat message (the email address where you first saw the "Help Wanted" message). You MUST do this step so we know who we're chatting with.

3. Include your shipping address so we know where to send the products for the Sell Out in 7 Challenge