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60% Off 8oz Eczema Cream. Prepay for 3 months. Receive 1 jar per month. FREE shipping.

$ 60.00 $ 150.00

You help us plan our Winter. We'll help you save!

Prepaid orders help us plan our production schedule which makes us MUCH more efficient! That saves lots of time & you know that time is money!

So we're happy to offer you a discount in exchange for more predictability & less waste since our products are handmade FRESH year-round!

It's been 11 months since we offered this 60% off prepaid option to our eczema cream customers: 

(3) 8oz jars: (1 jar shipped every month for 3 months) @60% off =$20 per jar 

*NOTE: If you prefer 16oz instead of 8oz just add 2 of these prepay packages to your cart & we will ship you (2) 8oz jars each month. 

How prepay works: 

-Shipping is always FREE!

-Your first jar ships 1 business day from your order date. The next shipment is 1 month later and so on for a total of 3 months (3 total shipments). 

-You are billed up front once every 3 months. The price will not increase. You're locked in at your low price!

-You will receive one jar of 8oz eczema cream per month.

-You may cancel any time.

-Tracking & shipment info will be automatically emailed every month to the shipping address on your order (just like any previous order).

-You may log in to Kjnaturals.com at any time to see your upcoming shipments, track orders or change your shipping address. 

-Shelf life = 6 months. (It will last for a year but we REALLY want your skin to receive products that are FRESH- just like your food!) 

-No, you don't have to suffer from eczema to use this cream. I don't have eczema but I use the cream daily in place of lotion). It works well for all ages. 

FYI: We mix fresh batches of this cream every week all year long. We don't have a warehouse and we don't want one! That means the cream you receive was made the week before it was shipped to you. 


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