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S'mores Therapy Dough (Group Gifts)

$ 41.00

Welcome to our stress relief putty designed with a delectable twist: S'more Appreciation & Relaxation Dough!

In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, we understand the importance of taking a moment to unwind and de-stress. That's why we've crafted this delightful dough, infused with the cozy sweet scent of s'mores, to provide you with a deliciously soothing experience.

Picture yourself unwrapping a freshly toasted marshmallow, nestled between layers of rich chocolate and graham crackers. Now, imagine that comforting aroma captured within a pliable, dough-like texture that's ready to melt away your stress with each gentle knead.

With S'more Appreciation & Relaxation Dough, your staff can indulge in a moment of relaxation whenever they need it most. Whether facing a tight deadline, navigating challenging projects, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility in a busy day, our putty is here to offer a slice of serenity when "kneaded" most. 

But it's not just about relaxation; it's about showing gratitude for their hard work and dedication. These doughs make the perfect corporate gift for your overworked staff members, expressing appreciation and boosting team morale in a uniquely delicious way.

So go ahead, treat yourself or someone special to the sweet sensation of S'more Appreciation & Relaxation Dough. Because you deserve s'more than just a pat on the back—you deserve a moment of pure bliss.

Size: Each jar is 4 oz. Choose quantities below. Ships in 1-2 business days. Each jar is packaged in gift box with gift tag as pictured.

Each batch is handmade fresh to order and lasts about 4 weeks. We include a dough care packet to refresh it if the texture starts to change after 4 weeks. Keep the lid closed tightly to avoid drying out the dough. If it gets dry, you may add a few drops of warm water and work it in by kneading.

Please use with caution around little ones under age 3 or dogs as dough is nontoxic, but it is a choking hazard.

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