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(12) Private Label Pure Undiluted Lavender Essential Oil: Suggested Retail Price $12-$20 each

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(12) bottles: 10 mL each

10mL 100% Pure lavender essential oil in cobalt blue roll-on bottle

(12) bottles per wholesale unit

Bottles are NOT labeled.

About Lavender Essential Oil (Roll-On Bottle):

100% pure lavender essential oil is not only therapeutic for irritated itchy skin/scalp, but it also promotes restful sleep and a sense of calm. Perfect for kids before bed time!

Note: The lavender essential oil comes in a convenient glass roll-on bottle for mess-free spot application. Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can by applied directly to skin undiluted.

Uses: Scalp itch, bug bites, aromatherapy, hair growth & more!

Got an itchy scalp? Roll some lavender essential oil on the pads of your fingers then massage into your scalp. Lavender & rosemary essential oils are also found to promote hair growth when massaged onto the scalp. 

Bug bites? My family is allergic to mosquito bites so we use these roll-on bottles of lavender essential oil in the Summer to prevent itch and redness after a bug bite. 

The lavender is so powerful that when we rub the oil on after a mosquito bite (and don't scratch the site), it never gets red or itchy or swollen (as it usually does since we're allergic to them). It's as though we were never bitten! 

We also apply a bit to our wrists before bed & take deep breaths as aromatherapy to promote restful sleep and calm. You may use the roll-on bottle for these purposes or to apply directly to irritated patches of unbroken skin (do not apply any cosmetic product to open or broken skin). 

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