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How to Use Raw African Black Soap

Katrina Josey

Posted on October 16 2018

Post #2 in our series, "Your Top 20 Black Soap Questions Answered!" addresses the question

"How should I use African black soap?"

Whether you want to know about application, frequency of use or what benefits you might expect to see, check out these quick tips about how to get started reaping the benefits of black soap!

How My Customers Use African Black Soap (Bar & Liquid)

Me and my two daughters use this stuff to clean everything head to to (except our cookies- we use the K.j Naturals Nookie Cookie feminine cleanser for that. :-)


With the liquid black soap in the foam pump bottle, I wash my face twice a day and shampoo our hair. With the bar, I wash the rest of my body daily. Most of my customers use the liquid for their faces and some also use it for their hair. They also use it in place of body wash. 

Some of them prefer to use a bar, though and use it to cleanse head to toe. For me and my kids it works well to keep our complexions clear and to keep dandruff and itchy scalp at bay. 

My customers use it for eczema, dry skin, hyperpigmentation (to lighten dark spots), and to prevent acne and outbreaks. 

How Often Should You Use African Black Soap

You can use black soap as often as you would use any other skin cleanser- once or twice a day. However, some people (myself included) find it to be strong at first, especially for the face. I personally experienced tightness on the apples of my cheeks and a little redness the first few times I used the bar.

When my customers tell me they have never used black soap before, I suggest that they start with the liquid in the foam pump because the added water dilutes the soap somewhat. 

Or if they prefer to use the bar I recommend that they start by using it once every 2-3 days until their skin adjusts. Then gradually use it once every day then twice a day if desired. So far, this method has worked really well to help people ease into using raw black soap. 

How to Use It? Should I Apply Directly to My Face/Body?

Since raw African black soap can sometimes have sediment or small pieces of wood (left over from the burnt cocoa pod or plantain ashes), I don't recommend that you rub the bar directly on the skin. Instead, rub it on a washcloth or loofah first or it's possible that you could get a scratch. 

This is just one more reason that people prefer to use the liquid instead of the bar- no sediment! It's all filtered out. 

Where Should I Store Black Soap? How Long Does It Last?

 A bar of black soap, like any other natural soap bar, lasts longest when it is kept dry between uses. That said, if you rub it on a washcloth it will be used up faster than if you use a loofah. Or if you allow it to remain wet between uses it will be used up even faster. 

I recommend that you store black soap bars on a soap dish with holes that allow water to drain away.