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Custom Loaf- Pick your scent & color

$ 64.00

Fragrance Descriptions:

Sex on the Beach: A festive mix reminiscent of the tropics and, of course, the popular drink! Made from the smells of creamy coconut, bold pineapple, fresh honeydew melon, and touched with a splash of tart cranberry. 

Black Cherry: 

Blackberry: Fresh-picked blackberries straight from the forest are inherent in this scent. Since this scent is body safe, its sweet berry smell is perfect for a bubble bath at the end of a long day. A wonderful scent that is pure fruit without any perfume or candy tones. Pure blackberry heaven!

Cool Water (type): A ravishing blend of green marine notes, cooling mint, cedarwood, and musk. Compare our fragrance to Cool Water For Men® by Davidoff.

Barbershop: Heart notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay make this irresistible! If you are a Bay Rum lover, you'll be surprised at how this fragrance oil complements Bay Rum blends.

Clothesline Fresh: Freshly-washed sheets hanging on a clothesline. Like crisp, clean cotton.

Rosemary Mint: So refreshing and uplifting! Garden-grown Rosemary needles with crushed spearmint leaves combine into an herbal lover's fantasy! 

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: Sweet vanilla milk and honey highlighted with warm cinnamon, oatmeal, and clove.


Soap loaves are not cut into individual bars unless you request cutting. 1 Soap loaf = 7.5 standard size bars when cuts are spaced one inch apart. Each cut bar will weigh at least 4 oz. If you want your loaf cut before it's shipped, leave a note on your order before checkout. 

How to cut your soap loaf: You may use a sharp kitchen knife, wire cheese cutter or similar sharp object to cut your soap loaf into bars. Please see hardness description below to indicate what cutting tool might work best. Also please note that loaves may become more firm over time as water evaporates.

Soap Description: Vegan body soap. Moisturizing shea butter & cocoa butters create a creamy lather that cleans without stripping skin.

Contains no irritating detergents or sulfates.

100% plant-based. Vegan.

Uses: Body soap. Hand Soap. Facial soap.

Scented: Optional

Shelf life: 1-2 years. 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Store on soap dish with drainage after first use.

Ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil, distilled water, fragrance or essential oil, mica, sodium lactate.

Packaging: Loaves wrapped in paper & shipped in recyclable cardboard. Any non-recyclable materials used for packing/shipping (bubble wrap or packing peanuts) are reused from a previous shipment we received. Please reuse & recycle materials we use to pack your items. 

Color Options: You may choose a color option by leaving a note on your order at checkout. Otherwise no color will be added. Please note that your color request will be matched as best as possible but may not be exact.

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